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EVAPCO’s commitment to excellence in research and development has provided years of continual product improvement to the commercial HVAC, Industrial Refrigeration, Power Generation, and Industrial Processing markets. Today, EVAPCO, Inc. continues to remain a strong, growing, employee-owned company, building on a successful philosophy of quality engineered products and unmatched customer service.

Commercial & Industrial Trans-critical CO2 Systems. Including Racks, Chillers,

Commercial & Industrial Evaporators and Gas Coolers. EVAPCO LMP offers a complete range of services, from the initial planning to technical assistance after installation. Their refrigeration systems offer a level quality which exceeds market requirements.
The Evapcold LCR-P product line is based on a penthouse configuration and includes 250 models that have an ammonia charge ranging from 2 to 6 lbs. per TR (actual charge amount dependent on the model size). The LCR-P is specifically designed to be roof mounted on the refrigerated space. Penthouse units are available with Pumped Recirculated Liquid (PRL) ammonia evaporators for low and medium temperature applications, or Direct Expansion (DX) evaporators for medium and high temperature applications.

RVS Corporation was founded in 1983 and manufactures quality ASME pressure vessels, vessel packages, and controls for multiple industries, including The Industrial Refrigeration Food and Beverage Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, and Petrochemical Industry. RVS was acquired by EVAPCO, Inc. in 1994 with EVAPCO being recognized as the leading supplier of quality heat transfer equipment to the Industrial Refrigeration, HVAC, Process Cooling and Power Industries. The success of RVS/EVAPCO has been the result of a continued commitment to product improvement, quality workmanship, and a dedication to providing unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.

GEA is one of the largest suppliers of technology for the food processing industry and for a wide range of other process industries. As an international technology group, the Company focuses on world-leading process technology and components for sophisticated production processes.


Omega Thermo Products is known for its expertise in manufacturing of inflated laser welded heat transfer products. Having manufacturing facilities strategically placed around the globe, their products can be seen throughout the world in virtually every industry. Laser Welded (Pillow Plate) 304 / 316 stainless steel falling film plates, chiller packages, and stainless cabinets with integral basin available.

Heat Transfer Products Group (HTPG), manufactures and markets energy-efficient commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment and system solutions sold under the trusted premium brands: Russell, Witt, Kramer, and ColdZone. HTPG is a member of the Rheem family of brands.


Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers (PSHE) have many benefits for advanced refrigeration applications such as evaporators, condensers, cascades, desuperheaters, sub-coolers, and oil coolers. As the inventors and clear market leader in PSHE technology, Vahterus continue to develop new low charge solutions to fulfill the market needs. PSHE are thermally efficient, durable and versatile due to their unique shell construction, together with fully welded plates. This makes PSHE ideal, notably for contractors, based on their compact size and low refrigerant charge. Vahterus Heat exchangers are suitable for all refrigerants especially natural media such as ammonia and carbon dioxide.

Extensive range of products and solutions across our business segments of Climate Solutions, Drives, and Power Solutions. High pressure pumps, sensing solutions, & silicon power



Commercial & Industrial CO2 and other low-GWP refrigerant compressors, semi-hermetic hydrocarbon compressors for refrigerants like R290 (propane) and R1270 (propene). Danfoss BOCK® compressors are your go-to choice for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems worldwide, spanning air conditioning, cooling, heating, heat recovery, and heat pumps.



Electronic regulation and control automation solutions for industrial refrigeration. Danfoss AAIM Controls provides an industry-leading portfolio of electronic regulation and control automation solutions for industrial refrigeration—central to the reliable, efficient, and safe cooling systems of tomorrow.

SONDEX® traditional plate heat exchangers are the go-to choice for standard duties. The versatile design and high thermal efficiency make them the perfect solution for a wide range of applications