Rick Jones

Commercial Sales & Design


I’m the son of a retired Captain in the Navy and a retired Registered Nurse. I primarily grew up in Virginia and moved to San Diego the summer before my senior year of high school when the Navy transferred Dad there for his next command. I went to college at San Diego State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Geography and then spent the next two years as a graduate student in the Geography Department focusing on spatial statistics, geographic information systems and remote sensing. In 1994, I moved to Oregon and spent the next 13 years developing environmental assessment models, new land cover mapping techniques and assessing the accuracy of remotely sensed data. In 2007, I changed careers and began working for a walk-in cooler manufacturer. I really enjoyed learning the fundamentals of refrigeration and its applications. Working with two great mentors, Shane Cleveland here at Cooling Equipment Sales and my previous CEO, Rick Schermerhorn, I became the company’s go-to for refrigeration design and application. In 2018 I began working for Freezing Equipment Company and continued my refrigeration journey. I have worked with, and learned from, many extremely knowledgeable refrigeration professionals over the years and have enjoyed continuing to learn from the experts here at our new company, Cooling Equipment Sales.