Chris Parker

Commercial Support & Design


My career started at a small system manufacturer in 1995 at Delta Heat Transfer. I owe a lot of my success to Dave Laird and Rick Clack. I was hired as an electrician to wire refrigeration systems. Delta Heat was a small company which meant wearing many different hats. I learned how to weld, braise and in a short time I learned to build entire systems. With a background in electronics and programming I started programing rack controllers. I was quickly advanced to a start-up technician. I traveled to many different locations all over the United States going on start-ups for anything from single reciprocating compressors to 500 horse-power screw compressor rack systems.

From there, I moved into engineering where I designed a wide range of refrigeration systems while staying hands on with building systems and performing start-ups. In 2008, I joined Heatcraft in their Application Department. I assisted in system catalog product design and technical support. From that position, I moved to the cold storage department quoting and designing custom condensing units and parallel compressor systems. I then took an outside sales position for the West Coast and moved to the west coast where I currently reside with my wife and two beautiful children.

I look forward to a bright future with Cooling Equipment Sales and know my 26 years of experience will only serve to strengthen what is the very best team in the industry.